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Top 10 Most-Traded Currencies

I saw this graph in an article in the Wall Street Journal today:
It shows the top 10 most-traded currencies in the world and their historical rankings. The data were compiled from an annual survey conducted by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which also shows that the average trading volume in the forex market is now $5.3 trillion a day. That's an increase of 33% since 2010.
Interesting to see the Yuan and the Peso crack the top 10. I've never placed a live MXN trade, since I try to stick to the majors. I might reconsider that stance now. How about you guys? Which of these 10 currencies do you trade? Do you trade any currencies that aren't in the top 10?
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The BIS conducted the eighth such triennial survey in April and June 2010. The participating central banks compiled data collected from about 4000 reporting financial institutions in their countries for submission to the BIS, which calculates and publishes the global totals. In April 2010, data were collected in 53 countries on daily turnover in notional amounts of FX spot as well as FX and ... 1 September 2010 BIS Triennial Survey of Foreign Exchange and Over-the-Counter Interest Rate Derivatives Markets in April 2010 - UK Data In April this year, central banks and monetary authorities in 53 countries, including the United Kingdom, conducted the latest triennial survey of turnover in the markets for foreign exchange (spot, forwards, foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps and options ... Derek Sammaan, managing director of FX and interest rate products at CME, affirms the increase in exchange trade volumes and points out that although in the BIS survey options volumes fell by 2% between 2007 and 2010, FX options on the CME increased by 226%, admittedly from a small base of $2.1 billion average volume in 2007. Now, at average daily volume of $6.9 billion, exchange-traded volume ... The BIS said the share of cross-border FX transactions fell to 58 percent from 65 percent in 2010, the lowest since 2001. The survey, in which 53 central banks and monetary authorities participate ... The 2019 survey is in keeping with the UK global market share recorded in the 2010 and 2013 surveys at 47 per cent and 50 per cent respectively. The Bank of England will provide further detail for the UK at a later date. The BIS is publishing preliminary global results today, with a detailed analysis to follow in December 2019. Central banks of many other countries are also publishing their ... December 7, 2010 According to a 2010 BIS survey, the Mexican peso’s daily trading volume in international foreign exchange and derivative markets is 50 billion US dollars _____ Banco de México participated in this global survey, conducted by the BIS every three years, along with 53 central banks In terms of turnover, the Mexican peso ranks 13th in the world Banco de México collected ... The BIS plans to publish, in November 2010, the detailed results of the activity in April 2010 and of the positions at end June 2010 on FX instruments. A specific press release will also be published in November on the global OTC positions at end June 2010. In addition, special features will be devoted to the Survey in the December 2010 BIS Quarterly Review.

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MS Excel 2010 Tutorial - Use a Formula to Rank Scores in ...

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