me_irlgbt survey results! really long post! this took me 6 days! exclamation mark!

Long post. REALLY long post. buckle in.

TLDR at the end

First off, thanks to everybody who responded! There were 467 responses in total, which is amazing. I know filling out surveys online can be boring, so I really appreciate you all indulging me for this.
A few notes before we get started!
Now. Let's get started with the results.

Total survey responses: 467


AGE: 460 responses
As we can see here, the majority of respondents are between the ages of 13-24, with most being 18-24. No surprise, this pretty much tracks with the general demographics of reddit. We have 3 tiny kiddos who responded, bless them. One person over 60, heyhowareyougorge. It’s interesting to cross-reference the age demographics with the type of posts we see here. I’m in my early 20s, which in gay years is like being in your early 40s, and i’ve been out for years. I see a lot of closet or coming out type posts, which I personally don’t relate to as much any more, but that totally tracks with the amount of youngins we have here. If you’re looking to karma whore, here’s the data you need.

COUNTRY: 457 responses
So, clearly very US-heavy. Again, not a surprise here for a US-based website. I would like to confess to purposefully splitting up the UK demographics out of sheer curiosity too; I’m Scottish and wanted to know how many fellow Scots I had. Happenin troops.
I also wanted to use this to see how many people were from countries with less legal protections for being LGBT. The countries in here I’d particularly like to highlight are:
Dominica, where it is illegal to be gay. Penalties include a 10 year prison sentence, or “incarceration in a psychiatric institution.” Absolutely no legal protections for any LGBT people. That’s pretty fucked.
India has no legally recognised same sex unions, no same sex marriage, no adoption, but all of these things have been proposed. some anti-discrimination laws. They have a third gender option, called hijra. Trans people do have some legal recognition of gender, which is nice. As far as I’m aware, this situation is pretty unique to India.
Qatar, where same-sex sexual activity is punished by fines, imprisonment, or the death penalty. Obviously no legal protections.
Russia, where same-sex sexual activity is technically legal, but in Chechnya, it is heavily punished. Gay people are abducted and sent to concentration camps in this region. Russia has done little to prevent this.
Singapore, where there is technically punishment of up to 2 years in prison for male same-sex sexual activity, but this is apparently not enforced any more. F/F is legal though.
Malaysia, where it remains illegal to be gay. Punishments can be up to 20 years in prison, fines, or whippings, just for engaging in same-sex sexual activity. However, a 2016 court ruling did recognise gender changes as a fundamental constitutional right, according to wikipedia.
I’d like us to take a moment to remember, especially if you’re from the US, that the fight for LGBT rights is far from over. It’s not some distant thing. Even people on this good gay subreddit could face severe punishments for their identity. If you are in a country with legal protections, take a moment to be thankful. If you can, please educate yourself on the state of LGBT rights in these countries, and see if you can do anything to help.

ETHNICITY: 463 responses
Again, not particularly surprising results here. Reddit is a pretty overwhelmingly white website. I’m a full blown white person so I’m not sure how much I can really say here without verging out of my own lane. I do think we should keep this in mind however, because as a largely white subreddit we may not have so many people calling out racism when they see it. I don’t want POC to feel ignored here just because they make up a smaller percentage of our demographics, so I welcome any POC responses here as to how we’re doing with that. I personally haven’t seen too much racism, as the bigotry we tend to get is centred around our lgbt identities. Whenever I see it it tends to be anti-black, and usually confined to usernames. I do try to ban that whenever I see it, but I’m only one person, so I do rely on you to report things to me!

GENDER: 467 responses
Now, this is the one I’ve had to go in and fuck with. This, and all the other charts, are basically just the raw data in visual form. The chart above is each individual response, allowing for those who selected multiple options. So, rather than counting every time someone selected “male”, then “nonbinary”, etc, it’s counting every time a person selected “male + cisgender,” “nonbinary + queer”, if that makes sense.
This chart here is the one I’ve fucked with, that just has the amount of times an option was selected.
I basically simplified the data here. Whenever someone said something like unsure, unknown, etc, this was put under “questioning”. The “other” responses are the only ones that received significant editing. These were long-form responses that could not be parsed into simple answers, so here they are in their entirety.
Now, I could probably have parsed them into other categories, but honestly I thought this was more entertaining.
Some important things to remember when reading this data! * I collected it pretty poorly. I wasn’t aware of how google would collate it and i done goofed a bit. Take it with a pinch of salt. * once i “simplified” the data to look at how many times each option was selected, I ended up with almost 800 pieces of data. You’ll recall that only 467 people responded to the survey, so there is significant overlap. This is why I'm showing you two versions. The crossover is not fully clear, and there’s probably ways I could process this data better, but i’m gonna be real with y'all it’s a lot to wade through and I'm honestly just bad at this * This question allowed people to choose as many or as few labels as they wanted. Some people listed their gender as just “transgender” with no other qualifiers, for example. Therefore this data should be treated as only a partial picture of the gender demographics of this subreddit

PRONOUNS: 464 responses
Again, I arguably messed up on the collection of results here, BUT, I do think it’s very interesting to see the combinations of pronouns people use. For example, I think it’s cool to see that, among those who use they/them pronouns
Now obviously it’s gonna be difficult to argue for these results to be generalised to the population at large, but this does support what I’ve seen anecdotally for a while; neutral pronouns are often used alongside non-neutral pronouns. We might not have seen this if I had been a better researcher.
Here is the version with my own editing, simplification, and parsing of “other” results:
Other results are as follows, presented without comment
Among neopronoun usage, we have specific examples of: * ve/ver * it/its
If we put this alongside the “other” responses that indicate neopronoun usage, we can say that 5 of our respondents use, or are comfortable using, neopronouns.
I think this is an interesting point to highlight, because common transphobe rhetoric is that people are using a “confusing” variety of pronouns. We have a generally trans-friendly sub (at least I hope so), and out of 464 respondents to this question, only 5 people indicated neopronoun usage. Could it be that this line of thinking, that people are using confusing newfangled pronouns, is just an uninformed scream from the ignorant?

SEXUALITY: 467 responses
Again, raw data. For this one I don’t feel it’s super necessary to go in and parse out who picked multiple things, because the data here seems kinda straightforward, if you’ll pardon the pun.
We have a lot of bi and pan people here. Again, it’s difficult to argue for the generalisation of these results, but this does support evidence of bisexual people making up the majority of the LGBT community. If we compare this to the by now well known findings from the Kinsey institute, this does support the belief that most people are likely neither a Kinsey 1 or a Kinsey 6, but somewhere in the middle. It’s not directly comparable because I didn’t use the same metrics, but it’s interesting to think about.
I also think it’s interesting to see so many straight respondents. Of course, this could just be trans people who are straight, but I know from the comments I’ve received that some people who responded are totally non-LGBT, just allies.
Also, shoutouts to “an absolute mess” and “just desperate for love”. Same, babes.

EDUCATION: 461 responses

There were enough “other” responses that I felt like I needed to go in and take those out, so here’s the raw data before I did that.
And here is the simplified version
Here are the “Other” responses
My favourite response is “IDK not american”. As we all know, education only exists in America.
Anyway, this pretty much tracks along the age demographics. With a population mostly aged between 13-24, it makes sense that the majority are high school or college educated.
Of course, it should be kept in mind that not everybody’s education is a linear or traditional experience, and won’t completely track with our age demographics.
Shoutouts to the 3-4 people with PhDs tho, mad respect.
And that wraps up our demographics section! Onto some of the cool shit.


Here’s the raw data. As you can see, there’s a lot of write-in responses. If you’ve spent any time hanging out on this subreddit, I don’t think it’s any shock to see how overwhelmingly left-leaning we are. I think this sort of goes with the territory of being an LGBT subreddit though, we do tend to develop liberal politics as an attempt to avoid homophobia and transphobia, and then from there it’s easy to fall into leftist politics, especially on places like Reddit.
Simplified data:
Other responses:
  • Don’t have these words in AUS
  • I have a hard time understanding all the different words, but I know I’m the opposite of Donald Trump
  • LibCenter
  • anarcho-communist
  • social libertarian
  • Hard to say since these terms mean slightly different things in different places/political climates
  • Whoever isn't a racist bigot
  • slutty sjw whos ready to bust a fat nut and shoot capitalists
  • angry *Governmental axis: libertarian. Economic axis: centrist. Social axis: progressive
  • I don't have a strict political alignment, I just think that every politician can have good ideas whatever their alignment is
  • I vote based on the current goals of each party
  • regulated markets, welfare capitalism, taco trucks on every corner. thank you for coming to my ted talk.
  • Whatever is Civil Rights
  • leftish antiauthoritarian
  • no one changes anything but rich mens pocket books
  • Progressive
  • Green
  • Prefer not to say
  • Independent
We’re clearly a very left-leaning subreddit here. I think it’s interesting that out of a total of 447 responses, only 9 disclosed that they were on the right-hand side of the political spectrum. Is this because only 4% of people round these parts are on the right, or is due to an unwillingness to identify with conservative politics, even on an anonymous survey? Difficult to know for sure. Interesting data tho amirite.
Also whoever answered “slutty sjw whos ready to bust a fat nut”, same girl

RELIGION 460/467

Raw data:
Again, a fuckfest here, but even before we go in and parse things out we can see that 336/460 indicate atheist or agnostic beliefs. This sort of goes along with my hypothesis/unscientific belief that a majority of LGBT people are non-religious, or will find religion themselves later on. I personally would love to do research on the prevalence of found religion in later life, especially pagan/wiccan type beliefs, in LGBT people. I think a lot of us do really desire that sort of connection to spirituality, but can’t always get it from the religions we were raised in. This is from my perspective as a western white person raised around christian/catholic beliefs; I know there’s differences with, for example, Judaism, where it’s fully baked into the culture to question and argue with your own beliefs, so I know there’s a hell of a lot of cultural bias going into this assumption.
Simplified data
I’ve kept Atheist/agnostic as separate categories, grouped the different Satanism responses, and again created an “other” category.
Other responses:
  • Both Christian and agnostic
  • Dragons
  • exmormon
  • I don't believe in a conscious force making decisions, but there is some sort of force underlying the physical world
  • idk man. dudeism?
  • Its a mix
  • Meh
  • None (not explicitly atheist or agnostic, just...ehhhhh)
  • Unitarian Universalist
  • Science Christian
Given that this is Reddit, I’m not surprised by the high amount of atheist/agnostic responses, given that the site still has a strong legacy left behind by the glory days of /atheist. With this bias in mind, I do still think this presents a compelling basis for further research on the religious affiliations of LGBT people.

This one actually didn’t require much fucking with, so I’ve just presented the gently simplified data.
Other responses
  • In a queer-platonic relationship
  • I walk a lonley road, the only one that i have ever known.
  • I’m not really sure rn
  • It’s complicated
  • In a polyamorous relationship
  • I have a domme
  • Polyamorous
  • On a crash course to divorce :(
Wow we’re a single lot aren’t we
Honestly I think this correlates with the age demographics. If I were a better data analyst I’d go in and confirm this with the data, but I’m not, so I won’t. Knowing that we have a lot of younger people, who are more likely to have either no relationship or a frequently changing/unstable relationship status, this kinda seems about right. It would be interesting though to compare this with relationship data from other LGBT communities. I think we all know the struggles of finding available partners, especially when you are, as the data suggests, in high school or college. It’d be interesting to see if the high rate of single people here is due to a desire to seek out other LGBT people in order to gain a sense of community as well. Maybe LGBT people in a relationship feel they already have enough of a sense of community and belonging and are therefore less likely to seek out LGBT spaces online. That’ll require some good qualitative data tho which is time consuming. Could be really cool tho.


Raw data:
This was a big question. There’s a lot of write-in responses here, so I’ll go through those.
Simplified data
Other results, presented without comment
  • accept everyone or get the fuck out
  • Confused
  • Fuck TERFs
  • Fuck TERFs
  • Fuck TERFs
  • Fuck TERFs
  • Fuck TERFs seriously
  • Fuck them with the rustiest rake you can find
  • Hate them
  • [Dislike] However, I do not condone jokes of violence against Terfs
  • I don't even know what that is.
  • I don't know or care what that means
  • I hate them so god damned much even the mention of the word terf makes me wanna punch a *wall then vomit.
  • I have never heard of this
  • I have no idea who they are
  • Idk bout them
  • liquidate them
  • Never heard of them
  • Not sure exactly what that means but if I understand it right I dislike them because I support transgender people
  • punch them
  • strongly dislike is not enough
  • [just a transphobic pro-terf comment]
  • strongly dislike isn't strong enough.
  • TERF is a slur lol
  • terfs r trash
  • They can go to hell
  • They have no place
  • Too little experience with them to form a meaningful opinion
  • we should set them on fire
  • trans rights babey
I think this is a pretty conclusive result. Of the 29 “other” responses, 20 of them indicate Dislike to Strongly Dislike. 5 respondents said Strongly Like, and 1 said Like. These respondents were the only ones who also put in positive “other” responses. 82% of responses were Strongly Dislike.
This is honestly going to inform my moderation style. I always remove outwardly transphobic comments, especially if they mirror the “rational people” comment in the responses above. However, seeing such a strong dislike of TERFs will likely mean I’ll remove more comments that are gently TERFy but not as explicit.
I do want to reiterate, this is a feminist space. I personally am a strong feminist. I hold some more radical feminist views. I also believe trans women are women, they have a place in the feminist movement, and in women’s spaces. You can absolutely be a trans INCLUSIVE radical feminist. Feminism is almost useless without intersectionality. Trans people are valid and welcomed here. Transphobia will never be tolerated here. Not up for debate.


Raw data:
Again, lots of write in responses. Same script as last time
Simplified data:
Other results
  • At first glance, this notion makes sense to me, but I know to little about the issue to form a meaningful opinion
  • Dissagree w/ but not dislike as people
  • Don't know whether they're right or wrong since I'm not trans therefore can't confirm shit
  • Fuck truscum
  • Fuck truscum.
  • I can understand where they're coming from, but i think it's a harmful ideology all the same
  • I don't agree transition is necessary, since sometimes staying in the closet is the only way to survive. But dysphoria of some kind is necessary.
  • I don't understand how people can be trans if they've never experienced Dysphoria. Not being a dick, i just can't find an explaination.
  • I get where they're coming from
  • I have no opinion. If somebody says they're trans, all i want are their preferred pronouns.
  • I haven't heard about this before, I'd have to read up on it before giving an opinion!
  • I just need to shout about the exclusionary nature of the stance
  • I think dysphoria is necessary, but not medically transitioning
  • I’d err on the side of caution because it sounds like it could be ehhh. I don’t know enough about *the trans part of the LGBT+ community to properly answer this one
  • I’m not sure about them yet
  • It isnt nessacsry but many people do experience it
  • N/A
  • Neutral as long as they aren’t excessively pushy or rude about it.
  • New to this concept tbh
  • No opinion
  • Non-binary trans is still trans.
  • Not enough reading or research done on my part to have an informed opinion
  • Not familiar with this topic enough to say
  • punch them too
  • Therapists should treat it
  • There is background to their points but their attitude stunts progress for all trans people
  • they're very flammable too
  • trans people are trans regardless of what gender affirmations, if any, they choose to undergo. ❤️
  • trans rights babey
  • uncle terfs, more or less.
  • Unknown
  • wanting to be a different gender = gender dysphoria, so 90% of the time transmedicalism is just *pointless gatekeeping
This is the one I definitely needed trans people’s opinions on. I am cis-ish (androgynous butchy lesbian who occasionally likes a cheeky they/them pronoun but is for all intents and purposes a woman/dyke) and so feel entirely unqualified to weigh in and decide which side of the issue is “correct”.
  • 56.2% of responses indicate either Dislike or Strongly Dislike transmedicalists
  • Of the “other” responses, 15/29 indicate a dislike or disagreement with transmedicalist ideology
  • There is a large amount of “neutral” or “no opinion” responses. I can assume a lot of these are from cis people who, like me, feel unqualified to weigh in.
This is also likely to inform my moderation style somewhat. Again, I always remove blatant transphobia when I see it, and this includes anybody stating that nonbinary people are not valid, not real, etc. From these results, I’m going to assume this is the right move, and continue with this strategy.
I personally lean towards not believing in transmedicalism. Some of this may very well stem from my feminist views, but I generally think gender is extremely fluid, and that labels are only worth what the individual believes they represent. If any of you have an understanding of sociology, I tend towards a Weberian/symbolic interactionist approach towards labels in general. Therefore I believe whatever a person identifies as is probably the right identity for them, regardless of what I may think of it. This isn’t necessarily relevant to your understanding of the survey, but it may be relevant to your understanding of my moderation actions.
That wraps up this section! This was a long one, thanks for sticking with us <3


Finally, some data i don’t need to fuck around with. Note to self, do more ratings like this.
Obviously as a mod I’m happy to see that opinions trend above 5 here. The average score we’re getting here is 7.87 (2dp) and honestly, I’m down. If that was a movie on IMDB, that shit would be a pretty well-received movie. The most frequent response here is 8/10, and most responses are between 7-10, which tells me people generally enjoy hanging out here. I know there’s always a strong chance for bias here, because the people who are likely to respond to a kinda long survey for a subreddit are likely to be people who either really enjoy it, or really don’t. However, even with that bias, I’m gonna just take the W if that’s cool with you.

Slightly lower trend than overall subreddit opinions, but the average is almost the same at 7.73 (2dp).
Since sending out this survey I have made some slight tweaks to my moderation style, as well as making some additions to the automoderator. We’ll chat about that later. I’m glad the overall trend here is positive though; I don’t want this to be a place where you all just end up resenting me.

Other responses:
  • 🤷
  • don’t care
  • I don't know. I'm new to Reddit
  • i dont have a reddit account, and i very rarely check comments. I dont think i'm the best person to answer this.
  • I dont pay attention enough to say
  • I just discovered this subreddit like yesterday so I don't really know
  • I think we need mods who do more than just let people police the sub themselves. We may only need a new mod if the current mods don’t change how they mod. Respond to reports is what I’m saying (I don’t see almost any removed comments ever)
  • Idk
  • idk i just enjoy the memes
  • idk im just lurking here
  • Idk. How many moderators do you have?
  • if they're good moderators
  • maybe? i think a little more mod participation would be cool. just seeing admins in comments laughing and joking along with us, and sharing in the memes. i enjoy the hands-off approach but that doesn't mean i don't ever wanna see more mods chilling out and sorta like.,..... making their presence known and joining in on the fun!!! yknow it makes it feel safer
  • no idea tbh but it seems to be running ok
So the general answer here is that we maybe need more mods. Far more people said no than said yes.
Personal interpretation is that people may have felt more comfortable answering “maybe” than answering “yes”. I know that having one active mod for a 90k subreddit is not usual, and by now most subreddits will have gotten a couple more people in. I won’t speak for parlayv but, if you think i’m hands-off, she’s like, not even got hands. Hands not on this plane. We did create the subreddit together (IIRC I came up with the name and she was like “omg that needs to be a subreddit” and then, all of a sudden, it was) but I’m the one who pretty much runs it. I don’t think she’d take issue with me saying that. She’s too busy playing runescape and smoking weed anyway lmao
So, given the general results, I will look at bringing more mods on. I’ll probably pull from people I know first, and if that doesn’t work, may open up applications later. If this happens you’ll all know about it.
I’ll address some of the comments at the very end. Your concerns are not going unnoticed!

Another very similar score, but this time the most frequent response by far is a 10. Average score is 7.84
This one was kinda important for me. I made the decision to allow researchers to post their surveys here. Full disclosure, when researchers come to me in modmail, my key concern is that they’ve followed all ethical procedures. So far, every single one has been done through a university in an official capacity, which means they have to prove they’ve gone through the ethics of their work and it’s been approved before they can even start researching. Whenever I’ve checked them out they seem completely fine, and I’ve so far not received any complaints, which makes me feel good.
I personally believe research is incredibly important for us to understand ourselves, as well as other people. I’m obviously biased as hell here because I’m a social sciences student but the whole reason I’m interested in this field is the benefits I believe it can bring to us. So if it’s cool with you all, I’m going to take this result as support for research posts. For now I don’t foresee any issues with frequency but we’ll revisit this if that becomes a problem. I’d like to give you all a sincere thank you for your positive reception to these posts <3


This question specified “regardless of rulebreaking”, meaning should they be banned on sight if they say they identify as either a TERF or a transmedicalist. I also meant if they posted in TERF or transmedicalist subreddits, but I didn’t specify this, so I won’t use that in my analysis of this data.
Other responses
  • Allow them only if they don't say anything transphobic on me_irlgbt
  • ban 'em when they post inflammatory stuff to bait responses
  • allow transmeds to flair their posts/create separate sub
  • only ban Transmedicalists if they’re being dicks about it
  • don't know enough about transmedicalists to say
  • Ban transmedicalists, do not ban TERFs
  • Definitely ban TERFs, I just don't really know much about trans medicalists, so I feel weird making a definitive statement about them.
  • Definitely ban TERFs. I’m neutral on transmedicalists
  • Forum should not be allowed to become a hostile environment. They can easily do that.
  • I don't know the context behind transmedicalists but if they're anything like terfs then yes ban them
  • I think a distinction must be made between hate and ignorance. Obvious hate should naturally be answered with a ban, but rule-breaking content arising from possible ignorance should be met with a removal, private warning and, most importantly, directing the poster toward resources to educate themselves.
  • I think there is more ground to talk with transmedicalists but that I would prefer not to deal with them. TERFs should be banned regardless of circumstance.
  • I’m not sure how i feel about just “banning” people but i disagree with them both
  • if being mean
  • If making people uncomfortable
  • If they are strongly voicing there options, even in other sub, that may be harmful.
  • Keep them on a shorter leash
  • Maybe? Or at least make posting that stuff against the rules
  • No opinion
  • Only ban when breaking rules, but dismissing trans women & gnc/nb trans peeps should be against the rules
  • Only if they are putting forth their beliefs in a way to claim that people are not valid.
  • Still don't know anything about the transmedicalists but ban the terfs
  • TERFs have no rights and should go. Transmedicalists are... Kinda difficult? I used to consider myself trans and sorta get where they're coming from. I think it's just a generational issue? I don't think they should be banned outright, like TERFs should, but it should be made very clear that MeIRLGBT isn't the place to discuss that
  • Yeah, but only if you are sure they are terfs/transmed
  • yes, because they're harmful to trans communities and this subreddit should be safe.
Again, a generally anti-terf attitude, which is expected from previous questions.
Once again, this is mostly to inform my moderation style. I am hesitant to ban people because I don’t want to be seen as a powertripping mod out to get everybody. These results, alongside the other terf/transmed ones, are kind of encouraging me to take a slightly heavier hand than I currently am. Again, some specific responses at the end!


This was complete free-entry, so I’ve gone in and grouped a bunch of the responses together.
  • Ace content: 3
  • Bi content: 4
  • Less bigots
  • Positivity/wholesome shit: 4
  • Trans content: 5
  • Commie shit: 2
  • Garlic bread: 2
  • That Gay Shit: 13
  • OC
  • More activity in general: 5
  • POC content
  • Memes: 25
  • NB content
  • Questioning content
  • Women
  • Intersex content
  • Surveys: 2
  • allowing different titles
  • mod posts for awareness days (ie bisexuality awareness, TDOR, etc)
  • more response to reports
  • peace, love, and understanding
  • a monthly challenge to make themed memes
  • clarity as to what this neat little subreddit is about
  • support threads/posts
Other responses were generally just “nothin, we good”, so that makes up the rest of the responses.
Further answers at the end!


  • ”Hello gays”. Not everybody in /me_irlgbt is gay.
  • [i removed these comments for being transphobic lol]: 2
  • trolls/bigots: 21
  • That Het Shit: 3
  • That Gay Shit
  • surveys
  • reposts: 6
  • text posts
  • non-meme content: 6
  • baby yoda
  • Capitalism.
  • Christmas decorations in October
  • Contrapoints memes
  • self-deprecating humour: 2
  • equating tops/bottoms to personality or body types. this isn't yoai it's real life, and i know this is more of an overall issue with the gay community but it's pretty prevalent on this sub
  • i hope the rest of your day is the best of your day.
Okay to the people who said they want less of themselves and less gay shit you are in the wholeass wrong place are you okay
Reposts seem to be a common issue. Could you lot do me a favour and post in the comments what you think are common reposts? I come on and browse the sub but I really rely on things you report to me, so I don’t always see common reposts.
As far as specific content you don’t like, I’m afraid that’s gonna be a self-directed thing for yall. Downvote the non-rulebreaking content you don’t like and hopefully people will get the message!
Lol @ the one person who said less surveys. Ur in one. Cant stop wont stop x


ily, thank you, etc
This shit sweet as hell thank you for taking the time to add it in at the end ily
“all my answers need the addendum of “I am an idiot, and there are many things I don’t know”
Gurl same
Hi. how u doin
I am a gay
Absolutely. We love that for you.
[bee movie script]
Hi. no. dislike.
Comrades! You have nothing to lose but your chains!
There’s like 5 of you that said this and i love it
imagine being sega and not working towards creating and publishing a new jet set radio future game; absolutely criminal
Imagine being sega. Can’t relate
Perhaps a link in the side bar we can click to escape the subreddit, especially on mobile if possible.
Honestly not a bad idea. I’ll look into this.
Please just add the QA to the name. It’s 2 letters
I’m sorry, i can’t change the subreddit name. I’ll add it to the sidebar tho <3
Sexual attraction is bourgeois
Idk what this means but it is now one of the central tenets of my faith
Thanks for all the “other” options
You’re welcome it made like, 100x more work for me, but i kinda like that we have a smidge of qualitative data alongside all the quantitative shit.
Thanks for letting me participate despite my non LGBT status
Thanks for being chill!
You people need to calm down. I can sense that this energy primarily comes from North America, so I will explain. The level of discrimination and the lack of basic human rights are so extreme, people cannot stand it anymore even if they are not fully aware of these subconscious vibes, so they need to pull extremely in the other direction to make up for this. And hence you have this kind of subculture that emerges as result. The problem is that, you people are as bad as the other end of the problem because you're as extreme, and it translates into over the top aggression and people so insanely touchy they see an attack in absolutely everything, even if they are not being attacked. Become aware of these energies, and chill.
Gurl are you like okay? Do you need a lie down? Some fruit snacks? Everything okay at home?


“I think we need mods who do more than just let people police the sub themselves. We may only need a new mod if the current mods don’t change how they mod. Respond to reports is what I’m saying (I don’t see almost any removed comments ever)”
I’m gonna hold my hands up here, I have generally sucked ass at this. I rely almost completely on you lot reporting things to me, but for the longest time I had a big ol mod queue that was just overwhelming to look at. I’ve made changes to this in the past few weeks, including
*expanding automod scripts. Automod now deletes certain slurs automatically, as well as any comment that might be mentioning or encouraging suicide. This is a big help because obviously trolls will rely on their old faithful slurs. I was hesitant to do this because I think we all have a right to slur reclamation, but I think the benefits outweigh that right now. *I got a fancy new mod plugin! It’s called toolbox, and basically just tells me whenever a new post is made so I can approve it or not, and it tells me when I have new reports. It’s made the whole experience less stressful *I spent a day addressing all the shit in the queue. The subreddit used to be like, full anarchy, so there were reports going back 2 years. Again, I take responsibility for that. I’ve been a shitty mod and I am addressing that.
I hope these changes help address those concerns.
” i think a little more mod participation would be cool. just seeing admins in comments laughing and joking along with us, and sharing in the memes”
I’ve honestly been thinking about this comment for a while. I try to avoid posting here because, again, I’ve seen a lot of criticism of mods who participate too much in their own subs, especially when they distinguish their posts. I don’t wanna look like a dick, yknow? But I like this comment and I’m gonna try and just hang out with you lot more <3
Mod posts for awareness days (ie bisexuality awareness, TDOR, etc)
I kinda think this idea slaps. Does anybody have a calendar of important LGBT dates? I think we could tie this into the other comment about challenges for themed memes, where appropriate.
Clarity as to what this neat little subreddit is about
Me_irlgbt is a queer shitposting subreddit. It’s generally for memes and queer fuckery. Not selfies. That’s about it.
Support threads/posts
Okay, so, the reason I’m not going to do this is because I feel that if I post a thread for support, I then have a duty of care to anybody who posts in it. I do not have the capability, time, or knowledge to provide that duty of care, so I feel it would be strongly unethical to do this, regardless of how good the intentions are. I think it’s a well-meaning idea, I just wanted to clarify why I’m personally not comfortable with it.
Not everybody in me_irlgbt is gay. Can we have more inclusivity?
When I use “gay” on this subreddit, especially if I’m referring to the general mass of users, I wholeheartedly mean it in a community way. Like, “we, the gays” as contrapoints once said. You are welcome here. This isn’t the only response along these lines, so I will keep it in mind when making changes.
And we’re done! Holy shit that was a long post. This has taken me 6 days to edit. Again, reiterating from the top, I’m not an adept researchedata analyst, so I’m sure many people could’ve done a MUCH better job looking at these results, but I think this will do for now.
Thank you so much to everybody who responded. It’s been really interesting for me to have a look at this, and pretty cool to get to fuck around with all this data. Thank you ilysm <3


  • The population on this subreddit trends young, mostly 18-24
  • Most people live in the US
  • Most people are white
  • We have slightly more male-identified people than female, but not significantly so.
  • Roughly a quarter of respondents are trans-identified.
  • Most people use she/her or he/him pronouns. Around 18% use they/them, with the rest “other” or neopronouns.
  • About 60% of the people here identify as bisexual or pansexual, 17% lesbian, 16% gay, 17% asexual. These responses do overlap with many people using multiple labels for themselves.
  • mostly high school or college educated, which makes sense with the age demographics
  • overwhelmingly left-leaning politically
  • generally positive feelings towards the subreddit/mods
  • mostly atheist/agnostic religious views
  • 74% of respondents are single/not in a relationship.
  • 88% of respondents do not like TERFs
  • about half of respondents do not like transmedicalists, but 28% are neutral
  • 60% of respondents think we maybe need more mods
  • other responses just need to be read lol
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Where’s the best place to live in light of collapse?

Ok we are 323 comments in on the collapse post and 98% didn’t bother to make even a slightly thoughtful answer. So... i guess i will be the change i want to see in the world
First off, If you are the fatalistic nihlistic type you can just go where you think it will be nice to die, maybe that is with friends and family, maybe it is on a beach in mexico, or feeding your body to the last polar bear. For everyone else that still has the instinct and drive for self-preservation….
What are the best places to be leading up to or during collapse?

First let's question the question.

What difference does it make to know "What are the best places to be leading up to or during collapse"?
The answer is dependent upon your own personal situation. Your personal situation has limiting factors.
Your personal Limiting Factors constrain you usually somewhere between those extremes, everyone has different options.
If we assume you are asking the question "What are the best places to be leading up to or during collapse" because you want to have the best standard of living available for as long as possible or simply survive the incoming population bottleneck, then the practical question becomes ...
"What are the best places to be, leading up to or during collapse, that i can get to, and establish myself in such a way that I can maintain the best standard of living possible for as long as I can or simply increase my probability of surviving the incoming population bottleneck."
It is important to ask this question to constrain the search space to the possible. It makes fuck-all difference if a somali goat herder knows about the ToP SeCret ElitE mULtibiLLioNaIre New ZEaLand sOUth IsLaNd ReDoUbt BuNkeR CoMmUnITy It is not going to help him and should not be in the search space as a survival strategy.
TL:DR Constrain your search space to what is realistically achievable for you.
  1. Start with your baseline probability of survival and increase it.
  2. Don't let a search for "best place" stop you from achieving "good enough place" or "better than where i was previously place".
  3. You are just trying to be an early adopter of increasing your survival probability stats before the non collapse-pilled masses.
  4. Think of surviving bottlenecks like surviving a charging bear attack, you don't need to be able to outrun the bear, you only need to be able to outrun the slowest people in the group up to the point the bear's appetite is satiated.
  5. Remember working with others can leverage group synergies and massively increase the realistic capabilities, but this requires you establish social cohesion with sane cooperative people that have a similar goal orientation. /greencommunes
What are the best places to be, leading up to or during collapse, that i can get to, and establish myself in such a way that I can maintain the best standard of living possible for as long as I can or simply increase my probability of surviving the incoming population bottleneck." 

Ok now lets question the new question some more...

In order to answer this we need to untangle some of the subjective and objective elements.
The objective elements of human survival are well known.
Optimizing location is a series of subjective trade-offs. There is no perfect place, they all have advantages and disadvantages.
So you must decide your personal preference of which goods and bads you most desire and what your scenario expectations are of the future.
Your personal preferences and collapse expectations mean the “best area” is specific to you.
What you can achieve and what do you desire, find the overlap between the two, then do research to find the place that gives you the most goods with the least bads and increases your probability of survival and standard of living.
One of the best strategies is to adapt yourself to your local circumstances to take advantage of the advantages, and plan ahead to mitigate the disadvantages, it is really all most people can do for themselves.
Do you like not living in unbearable heat, maybe moving to greenland is NOT a better option than just buying 400watts of solar panels and attaching it to a small efficient AC that keeps one room of your house cool even during summer electricity blackouts. Most problems have multiple solutions, it is worth it to take time and think about things from an economic perspective and different time horizon perspectives.
Increasing your optionality is better than narrowing it when it comes to survival, rather than the binary thinking, of “go way out into the northern mountains, farm and live in a bunker” versus “be a full time yuppie and ignore collapse issues”. Getting 2 acres you can put a cheap used rv camper on and go do permaculture on during weekends, near enough your place of employment/where you live, is probably a better plan. Indeed the small dacha’s and country gardens helped many people survive the collapse of the USSR. They would spend weekends and haul potatoes/veggies back to the city with them on the bus. Hedge your bets to cover the most scenarios including the most likely scenarios like losing your job or getting in a car accident. Survival and thriving always has and always will involve dynamic adaptation.
Here is a very short list of some of potential trade-offs that you may need to think about and some brief descriptions of how they can affect things. This is NOT meant to be a systematic or exhaustive analysis, this is just me stream-of-conscious flowing on strong coffee to help others start thinking about it for themselves. There are unlimited variables
Most of these maps are of the USA. If you have other maps please post them in the comments and i will edit this post to squeeze them in. From these maps and a little critical thinking you can figure out where is best for YOU. If you need to figure something out go to google images and search for maps it is easier than ever to find what you need. But remember the map is not the territory, there are great spots maps don't have the resolution to show.These are just some random things i pulled up real quick. mapporn is a good source
There are a lot of submaps,for example if you click california then it brings first and last frost date maps, heat maps etc…
On the left hand side there are lots of links to climate and biogeography maps
Firehazard map middle of nowhere
hdd+cdd= change in energy requirements for climate control Find out what your city will be like in 60 years
human development index solar and wind potential combined 1% of population lives here land quality Fig. 2 Spatial distributions of projected damages. County-level median values for average 2080 to 2099 RCP8.5 impacts. Impacts are changes relative to counterfactual “no additional climate change” trajectories. Color indicates magnitude of impact in median projection; outline color indicates level of agreement across projections (thin white outline, inner 66% of projections disagree in sign; no outline, ≥83% of projections agree in sign; black outline, ≥95% agree in sign; thick white outline, state borders; maps without outlines shown in fig. S2). Negative damages indicate economic gains. (A) Percent change in yields, area-weighted average for maize, wheat, soybeans, and cotton. (B) Change in all-cause mortality rates, across all age groups. (C) Change in electricity demand. (D) Change in labor supply of full-time-equivalent workers for low-risk jobs where workers are minimally exposed to outdoor temperature. (E) Same as (D), except for high-risk jobs where workers are heavily exposed to outdoor temperatures. (F) Change in damages from coastal storms. (G) Change in property-crime rates. (H) Change in violent-crime rates. (I) Median total direct economic damage across all sectors [(A) to (H)]. Nuclear targets Chernobyl fallout, demonstrates the nonlinear patterns of distribution Reliance on nuclear energy. Global solar potential Renewable electric supply
Power plants Red and orange have same populations Agricultural suitability how america uses its land Life expectancy by congressional district food for humansgreen versus animal feed purple line that separates wet and dry USA Is food a human right? See paupericide food self sufficiency[email protected]/Worlds-hybrid-PV-Wind-power-plant-cumulative-FLh-map.png combination wind+photovoltaic capacity human appropriated net primary productivity avoid the pink and orange unless your strategy is cannabilism in fast or hard crash. water shortage malnutrition
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Chrysalis (13)

Previous chapter
First chapter
As far as prisons went, Daokat thought, he couldn't complain. His current 'cell' in the Empyrean Palace easily outclassed his own apartment back at the Council's Embassy building. It was composed of four rooms -a bedroom with a terrace overlooking the gardens, a bathroom, a large office, and a meeting area that doubled as a small theater and media room thanks to the vid projectors covering an entire wall.
The Palace might have been an ancient building, more than four hundred years old, but that didn't mean it was an antiquated one. The Republic had made sure their seat of government was always up to date, seamlessly weaving modern technology into the old-fashioned, sumptuous architecture of the building.
There was a foldable kitchen station that deployed from one of the walls, the main bed had an anti-gravity comfort function, the hieroglyphs in the office room hid presence sensors, vid projectors, auxiliary lights and audio speakers. Even the large ornate seats could adjust their shape to different body sizes, easily detecting and shifting to fit Daokat's comparatively small and slender body frame.
And yet, despite all this luxury, he was still a prisoner. He had been a prisoner for the last few days. The main door was locked, with one or two guards always there. The terrace wasn't accessible, and the rooms themselves were apparently EM-shielded, preventing any kind of radio transmission from getting in or out.
Thankfully, he wasn't completely isolated from the outer world. The vid projectors still had access to the public broadcasts, so even if he was prevented from sending messages out, he could still follow the events that were developing outside.
Daokat hadn't expected to get any reliable information out of the public broadcasts. After all, one of the key tenets of any coup was to quickly take control not only of the centers of executive power, but also of the flow of information the public had access to. Taking over broadcast stations, shutting off data networks and vid transmissions...
But that hadn't happened. The stations seemed to remain independent, and the information in the broadcasts still appeared genuine. From what Daokat was gathering, the only place the coup had successfully seized control of was the Empyrean Palace itself.
He wondered what that meant. It could be that the coup had failed to take hold elsewhere, and devolved into a mere hostage-taking situation at the Palace. But if that were the case the news stations should have reported fighting at those other locations too by now, if only in passing. But there was no mention of any attempts at taking over the other centers of power in Xunvir.
It was almost as if the coup leaders had forgotten about anything other than the Empyrean Palace.
Daokat knew that it was always hard to reach valid conclusions when working under the severe limitations he was under. Nakstani had always remarked the critical importance of gathering good information. No matter how smart you were, if you worked out of erroneous intelligence your assumptions would always turn out to be wrong.
But despite that, he thought he knew enough by now to tentatively discard the idea of the Anacax tribe plotting to take over the Republic's government. That this was some attempt at getting into power and replacing the Emperor. It just didn't fit.
But, what other options could there be for this? He tried to put himself in the mind of the Anacax leaders. Try to think like they were thinking.
Maybe they were playing the long game. With their major planet, Anacax-Farvin in disarray, the tribe was poised to lose a large part of its economical power over the next years... if the Xunvir Republic survived, that is. In that case, they might be trying to force some sort of internal crisis that pitted the remaining tribes against each other. If all the other tribes started fighting for control of an eroded central government, that would buy Anacax some time to rebuild before anyone else could take advantage of their weakened position.
But Daokat doubted they would go for such a dangerously suicidal strategy. It risked an internal civil war that would leave the entirety of the Republic -Anacax tribe included- even more exposed to the attacks of the real enemy: the Terran. Weaker than they already were.
No, it wasn't that. There was no sense in defending against a potential future threat when an actual, horrific one was right at your doorstep. Whatever this was about, he knew it must be related to the Terran.
Daokat shook his head, gazing out the window at the night sky. He couldn't see them, but he knew the troops were still out there. The coup participants had fortified inside the Palace, and the soldiers of the other tribes still loyal to the Emperor and the Republic's government were surrounding the building and hiding among the garden's trees.
No. This coup, he was sure of it, was going to fail eventually. It was meant to fail, right from its very conception.
So why attempting it in the first place?
A smoke-screen... a distraction? Maybe. But for what?
Or... maybe not. Not a distraction. Maybe he was forgetting about something.
The Empyrean Palace itself.
During his time with Nakstani, Daokat had started to see the Palace mainly as a place of diplomacy and political intrigue. Of official receptions, extravagant celebrations and bitter, underhanded negotiations.
But it was also much more than that. It was the seat of government of an interstellar nation, after all. There were entire wings of the expansive building he had never visited. That were off-limits to any outsider. The residential parts of the Palace, of course... but also those that contained the war rooms, government computer servers, transmitter arrays, quantum communicators...
Could that be it? Not really a coup but an assault on the Empyrean Palace itself? It would have granted the Anacax tribe a short window of opportunity. A short time frame in which they would have had access to the Palace's central computers and communication systems. In which they could have sent out any order under the pretense that it was coming from a trusted source. Right until the remaining high ranking government officials gathered their wits about what was happening and cut the Palace off the government networks.
A very, very short time in which the Anacax tribe would have had unopposed control over the Republic's remaining military forces and communication channels. But to do... what exactly? Whatever orders they could have given would have been retracted soon enough by the rest of the surviving government.
Except, of course, that some things couldn't be so easily retracted. If a warship had gone into warp as a result of a malicious order, it might take days before it returned to normal space and contact could be established again.
At any rate, Daokat knew he wasn't in direct danger. Whatever the true intent of the coup attempt was, he would be respected. No tribe could risk making an enemy of the Galactic Council by hurting one of its Ambassadors. No, his forced reclusion was simply a way of keeping him from interfering.
Not that it made it any less awful. As comfortable as his 'cell' was, he couldn't help but to feel bored beyond belief.
Boredom. It was a state of mind Daokat had little experience with. Ever since he started his career in the Council's diplomatic corps, there had always been something to do, something to work at, be it an upcoming examination, messages to write, reports to read... never enough time to get bored. Even those periods in warp time were measured subjectively in minutes and hours at the most, rather than days.
He connected the vid projector again, though his eyes glazed over the three-dimensional images. It was something he had seen before, a reconstruction of the battle of Anacax-Farvin. The maneuvers and counter-maneuvers of the Council fleet and the Terran swarm. The narrator's upbeat voice was trying to put an optimistic tone to it, remarking how the Council's EM distortion field had managed to disrupt the Terran's attack plan and cause it to lose its entire swarm. Little mention was made of how the Council itself had also lost an entire fleet.
He was starting to fall asleep when the image suddenly changed. A large text in bold glyphs flashing in and out, along with a piercing noise. His augmented irises kicked in, translating the text on the fly.
Daokat jumped out of the seat, his heart beating fast. He blinked hard, almost thinking his irises were malfunctioning. But the text didn't change.
He stood frozen for a few seconds, considering his options. Not that he had many, trapped in here. Could he try to break a window and descend the outer wall? Even if he could actually make a dent in the reinforced glass, he doubted he would make it to the ground without falling.
He couldn't help but to smirk at the irony of it all. At having escaped the colony world of Yovit just to arrive right in time for the destruction of Xunvir.
In the end, he didn't have to make a choice. The main door to his suite opened and three Xunvirian soldiers entered, carrying weapons and wearing the Anacax tribe's color stripes.
"You!" shouted the one in the lead. "We leave. You come."
Daokat nodded, and followed the group out of the door and into a long corridor with short ceilings and wooden floors. The leading soldier put a large hand on his shoulder, unnecessarily forcing him to walk at a fast pace. At least, they weren't pointing their weapons at him. Daokat didn't know if he should feel glad for that, or slightly insulted that they didn't consider him a threat at all.
The Palace had plunged into a frenzy of activity. There were squads of soldiers running along the corridors, dodging the crates and boxes scattered all over the place. Groups of captive staff workers were evacuating, escorted by the Anacax troops. Here and there, someone shouted orders that were ignored, the Palace workers more scared by the ominous message in the vid projectors than by those who had taken them hostage.
"How much time we have?" Daokat asked the leading soldier in his little squad.
The Xunvirian looked down at him, as if debating whether to answer or not. Or maybe he hadn't understood the question, it didn't look as if he had a very firm grasp of the Council's Interlanguage.
"When will the warp tunnel collapse?" Daokat asked instead.
At that, the soldier reacted. "None," he said. "Already here."
Daokat blinked. "No warning time at all? But... that's not possible!"
The soldier's mouth tentacles raised slightly, but he didn't say anything else, instead forcing the squad to rush ahead of another group of civilians that were converging into the same corridor.
It wasn't possible, Daokat knew. The warp tunnel would have been detected hours before its collapse, just like in Yovit. Either by the remaining Xunvirian authorities, or the rearguard fleet the Council had in orbit around the capital planet. The only way they could have missed the approaching Terran in warp was if it had requested a valid flight plan ahead of time.
The image of the murderous machine filling out the digital paperwork and submitting a flight plan of its attack for approval was ludicrous, and almost made Daokat burst into laughter right then and there.
Except that, of course... someone else could have submitted the flight plan. Inserted it directly into the database.
Say, someone with direct access to the Republic's military computers, with the authority of the Empyrean Palace, the seat of government itself.
The thought didn't feel that funny anymore.
His group descended a long flight of stairs and entered a different corridor. This one Daokat recognized, with its marble columns and ornate walls. It was one of the major wide corridors crossing the entire Palace North to South and linking the different wings together. They turned left, and started walking in the same direction most of the other Xunvirians were moving to evacuate.
When they crossed a stationary group in high-ranking military officer apparel, Daokat's irises activated and an icon flashed on top of one of the Xunvirians with his name and basic information. Someone Daokat had met before, and that he had judged important enough to add to the facial recognition function of the irises. He read the displayed text.
Deraker of the Anacax Tribe. Tribe Leader.
He remembered the Xunvirian now. Daokat had met him during his visit to Anacax-Farvin some time ago, along with Nakstani. He was one of the leaders of his tribe, though he was in charge of the business operations, rather than political contacts. Daokat had never seen him in the Empyrean Palace before.
Let alone dressed in a military outfit, apparently leading a coup. Not that the military garments fit him well, though. The Xunvirian lacked the confidence and projected self-assurance common among the generals and fleet admirals Daokat was used to seeing. It was apparent he was a businessman playing soldier.
Daokat waited until they were passing right by the stationary group, and then he stopped suddenly. The soldiers escorting him tried to force him to resume walking, but he turned to face the tribe leader.
"Deraker!" he shouted.
The Anacax leader turned to face him, surprised. Then, he made some sort of hand gesture directed at the soldiers, who visibly relaxed.
"Ah... yes, the new Ambassador," his voice was smooth and precise. Probably the result of many years practicing the Council's language, Daokat thought. "My apologies, I don't recall your name, but there will be time to get acquainted again once we have both evacuated the planet. Also, I hope you can understand why the need of having you lodged in the guest's-"
"Betraying your people?" Daokat interrupted, his voice raw and almost shouting. "Betraying the Council? For the Terran? Why?!"
Deraker's mouth tentacles trembled slightly. Then his head bobbed.
"I see. Nakstani was always astute. I shouldn't have expected any less from her successor."
"You gave it an opening, didn't you? You sneaked a false flight plan in so that the Terran could blindside the defending forces."
The Xunvirian stood silent for a few long seconds before replying. "Yes," he said at last. "We did. We also ordered half the defending forces around the planet to warp away under a false pretense. We also sent the Terran all the confidential records on the Emperor's possession regarding the destruction of its species, as well as the codes of the planetary defense stations, and the locations of the remaining fleets of both the Council and the Xunvirian Republic."
Daokat was speechless. The treason, the extent of the betrayal and its consequences... With their focus on civil liberties and economical freedoms, the Anacax tribe had originally been one of the major forces behind the Empire's transformation into a Republic, and one of the Council's natural allies in the political reforms program. This... this was unexpected.
"Just... why? This is suicidal," Daokat asked.
"Not so much." The Xunvirian paused, as if remembering something "Hmm... you have been told the story of the Bone Titans, yes?"
"This is not the time for a lesson on myths and legends, Deraker."
"Ah... I'm afraid you are correct once more, so I'll make haste. In the story, the town of Nekit was attacked by great, lumbering creatures made of bone. The Titans were invincible, impervious to both lance and arrow. The town's leaders were desperate, their tribe facing a complete annihilation at the hands of the monsters. Until one of them..."
"Deraker, please."
"Yes, yes. To make a long story short, they figured what the Titans wanted. Bones. Fresh ones. So the oldest of the town elders decided to sacrifice himself. His fresh bones were put in a ditch at the entrance of the town, and it worked. The next time the Titans returned, they didn't destroy any house or farm. They just scooped the bones and left the way they came. So they kept the tradition, and every five years the oldest member of the town would be sacrificed. No more again had the town of Nekit to worry about the monsters."
Daokat nodded, understanding. "You're talking about appeasement."
"Indeed. The Terran seeks justice, yes? Or vengeance, as your Grand Minister aptly noted in his conversation with the machine. So we... decided to deliver what it wants. We gave it the information, the location of the Emperor and the seat of government, and the names of those tribes that were involved in the genocide and its subsequent cover-up."
"You can't be serious. The Terran's conception of justice involves the complete extermination of the Xunvir Republic!"
"Ah, but you are not talking to a tribe leader of the Xunvir Republic anymore, my dear friend. I am now Minister Deraker of the newly formed nation of Anacax. A new market democracy that has just declared its independence from the Xunvir Republic."
Daokat shook his head. "That is... the Terran won't care about-"
"The Terran will understand that we are in its side," Deraker said, his voice shaking. "It will understand that the Anacax tribe always was against the militaristic expansion of the Empire, and that our people always were the underdogs, always fighting for freedom and justice. A pitted enemy of those who destroyed its own species. If anything, we fought our best to prevent tragedies like that, even if we didn't always succeed."
Daokat sighed. Much as he didn't want to admit it, the Anacax tribe's plan might actually work. His own experience with the Terran led him to believe that the replicator had a very binary worldview. Either it tried to kill you, or it would go out of its way to save you, like it had done with Daokat himself and his pilot, Telzhira.
So, if the Anacax tribe managed to get into the Terran's good side, maybe by way of triggering its reciprocity, they had good chances of surviving this whole thing unscathed. Better chances that even the Council itself, Daokat reflected.
Still, it was wrong.
"You're scared," he said. "I know. Scared of what another attack on Anacax-Farvin might do. But this... this is wrong, Deraker. Even if you survive, you will be doing so at the cost of hundreds of millions of innocent lives!"
"And how many innocent lives are there in Anacax-Farvin, Ambassador?! What would you expect us to do?" he shouted. "You can afford to be self-righteous, yes? Because it's not your world that is targeted for destruction! It's not your friends who will die! Not your tribe, your..." he paused, as if searching for the word, "! We don't have the luxury of your elevated morals anymore! So we must look for our people, for our own tribe first!"
Daokat nodded, defeated. It was wrong, it was clearly wrong. And even the tribe leader in front of him knew that it was wrong, if his shaking voice was any indication. That it was a form of cowardice.
But what could he expect, in light of the widespread destruction? Of the inevitable genocide... He could understand the logic, the calculations. After all, wasn't it better if at least some part of the Xunvirian species survived?
Or was survival not worth it, if saving yourself required you to push others into the path of destruction? If it meant you had to turn into a monster.
Hard to say. His own people had never had to face such a dilemma. And he hoped they would find some way to stop the Terran before it came to that.
Or to negotiate a cease-fire, somehow.
Which reminded him of the conversation the Grand Minister had with the machine right before the battle over the industrial planet. When reviewing the transcriptions, he couldn't help but to notice how harsh and cold the-Zakarnine had been. Daokat had been trying to figure how he would have approached the Terran instead...
"Let me talk to it," Daokat blurted out.
"Give me a communication channel with the Terran, whatever you used to send it the information before. I think... I believe I can reason with it."
"Ambassador, there is no time for that. Besides, it has already been tried."
"No," he said. "Not properly, not by me. I had contact with its machines back in Yovit. Maybe it will still remember me."
Deraker looked conflicted. "Ambassador, this Palace will be destroyed. Perhaps this entire planet. We can't remain here."
Daokat clenched his fists. "I'm not asking you to stay. You can leave, just give me that channel first."
"I won't be leaving any of my subordinates here, either. If you stay, you will do so on your own, with no way to evacuate."
Daokat paused for a second. Suddenly, this decision had become serious. Important, in a way no other decision he had ever made was. He felt tempted to follow the Xunvirian's recommendation to evacuate the planet. To abandon the idea, or maybe talk to the Terran from the relatively safety of a spaceship.
Except that putting himself in danger was part of his plan. It had to be. The idea was simple: the Terran had saved him once, so it might save him twice. The hope was that, if the Terran knew Daokat was down here, it would refrain from an indiscriminate attack against the planet. That it would be forced to examine the nature of its morality, pitting its thirst for justice right against that little core of empathy that Daokat hoped still existed.
Or maybe it wouldn't work, and he would be disintegrated along with the Palace itself. But still, if there was even the slightest chance that he could save millions of innocent Xunvirian lives...
Daokat closed his eyes, uncertain. He thought of Nakstani, of what she would have done in his place. But of course, he knew exactly what her opinion would have been.
This was the frontier, after all.
He gave the Anacax tribe leader a curt nod, more to reassure himself than anything else.
"I know what I'm doing, Deraker. You and your people can leave, but open that channel for me first, please."
Deraker gave him a nod. An actual nod, which looked out of place with the Xunvirian's heavy head. "Very well. I hope your Council won't blame us for your loss, yes?"
Before Daokat could reply, Deraker had already turned to give instructions to the soldier escorting him in their own language. The soldier didn't look happy, but he acknowledged the orders and started walking towards a side corridor, motioning Daokat to follow.
He did, not bothering to say goodbye to the Anacax leader. As soon as they got out of the main corridor the soldier started running, and Daokat struggled to follow. They passed empty offices and heavily decorated rooms, the soldier stopping from time to time to unlock the electronic safety latches of a door, then waiting just enough for Daokat to pass through before taking the lead again.
Every minute felt eternal, as if fire would start raining out of the sky at any moment now. Daokat felt guilty at putting the soldier in this dire situation, risking being left behind by his comrades if they took too long, so he pushed himself to run harder and faster. They raced along marbled corridors, their steps against the smooth floors echoing in the recently vacated rooms they crossed.
Daokat wondered if the two of them would be the only ones left inside the sprawling Empyrean Palace. If everyone else but them had evacuated already. Maybe the Emperor was here, too. Locked inside a room, waiting to be destroyed by the Terran. Like some sort of twisted blood sacrifice for a vengeful God.
He pushed those thoughts aside as they entered a large war room, its round walls covered in vid projectors showing an orbital view of the battle raging outside. Apparently the Terran had already engaged the meager defensive forces, and its main enormous ship was pushing its way through their positions. The planetary defense stations were nowhere to be found.
The soldier activated a console, pushing a large chair out of the way. They waited as the screen loaded. Then, he pointed at a tactile icon.
"Press and talk," he said.
Daokat was about to say something, but the soldier had already turned on his feet and was running towards the door.
"Ah... thanks," Daokat said to the now empty room.
He focused on the icon, wondering what to say, how to approach it. What his first words would be.
Daokat noticed that his hands were trembling. He realized then that this had been a very stupid idea. A potentially lethal one. Every time he had tried addressing the Terran's machines back at Yovit, they had remained silent. It had ignored his pleas, comments and harsh remarks.
Why would it be any different now?
The worst, Daokat knew, was that he would feel incredibly stupid if the Terran didn't reply and it turned out he had uselessly wasted his life in such a pointless task.
He closed his eyes, trying to relax his muscles. He noticed he was still gasping for air after his run.
He had to be optimistic, though. But still... how to approach it? He tried to let go of his fears and review what he knew, like he had done back at that dinner reception, so long ago. Try to see what he had missed before.
With his eyes closed, he could almost imagine Nakstani sitting right by his side, looking at him. He could picture her predatory smirk.
'Tell me, kid. How did the-Zakarnine fuck up?'
"He thought he was in a position of superiority," Daokat said to the empty room. "That their military display would act as a deterrent. The Council having a counter-measure only reinforced that belief."
'Hmm... That's true, but that wasn't why he failed, was it?'
Daokat reflected. Since the Terran had let them escape the destroyed colony world, Daokat had suspected that there was some sort of latent sentience inside the machine. Some traces of empathy.
"No," Daokat said. "He failed to engage the Terran at an empathic level. He treated it as an enemy from the start."
'So what should you do, then?'
Daokat opened his eyes, and pressed the console's icon. A light next to it changed color to blue, and a text message appeared, indicating the language cipher was connected.
He paused for a second, clearing his head of any doubt, of any worry. Then, he took a deep breath.
"Hi," he said. "My name is Daokat. We have met before, in Yovit. The first colony world you attacked. I was one of the survivors in the crashed spaceship. The one you rescued."
He paused, but no reply came through. He felt a growing worry.
"I... I just wanted to thank you. For saving my life, you know, mine and Telzhira's. And I thought that maybe... that you might want to talk. Just that, talk. No strings attached."
He waited a few seconds.
Still no reply. Daokat shook his head. This had been a very, very stupid mistake. But it was too late to run away now. He had lost that chance already.
So, with nothing else to do, he just kept talking.
"I mean, I'm not sure if you remember me. You made us a replacement spaceship and-"
Daokat had listened to the recording of the voice the Terran had used to talk to the Council before. A synthetic voice, yes, but one that still sounded natural. The one that came through the speakers, interrupting him... it was different. Still recognizable, but it had definitely changed. Now it sounded distorted and flat, lacking any intonation. It sounded mechanical, like rusted gears scraping against each other.
It was the voice of a nightmare, of an emotionless terror. The voice of one of those Bone Titans the tribe leader had mentioned before. A voice that sent a cold shiver running down Daokat's spine.
"Yes," the monster said, "I remember you."
Next chapter
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60 Seconds Binary Options Indicator

binary options trading Digits Over Strategies With Indicators Make $30usd in few minutes - Duration: 16:14. Proudly Tech Money General Tips And Tricks 9,814 views 16:14 IQ Option Strategy IQ Option Method IQ Option Signals IQ Option Indicators IQ Option Robot IQ Option Real Account Strategy Method Signals Indicators ... Binary Options Strategy Key Indicators for a simple system that just works. What Is The Effective Binary Options Trading ... The Calloway Software Free Sign Up- Maximus Cryptobot Free Sign Up - These are the best signals so... Investing Strategies & Stock Market ══ Legit Business Opp. ══ Investments x High ... This sixty seconds binary options indicator works on Binary Mate, IQ Option, HighLow, Ayrex, CT Option, 24 Option, and Many more. For more info and trading t...